lilly'y puppies at 10 days

max taking a break on the verandah

max standing on the patio table watching tv

puppy 3 two small white spots on chest

puppy 1 just the smallest amount of white under his neck he is virtually all blue

puppy 5 one white slash on chest still not too big

puppy 2 a small white spot the only white on him

puppy 4 1 white patch on chest

lilly taking a very short break from the puppies

Photo's of Lilly,Max and the babies.Photo's  from one week to 5 weeks.
 They are so fast now i cannot get them to sit still for a photo anymore.
They are eating now and having a fun time playing.
Max is a very proud dad,and is very protective of his brood.
Lilly tries to hide so they won't find her and start sooking for a feed.Their theeth are very sharp so her teets are very sore.